It was Friday afternoon, during the 2nd COVID19 lock down in Victoria, Australia. The numbers were still going up so it was decided the State would mask-up from Sunday. The news headlines flashed images of ‘anti-maskers’, social media erupted with commentary, and the population went back into preparation mode. It…

[Originally published at The Power to Persuade BLOG. Part of the ‘Narration as Regulation’ series, produced by ANU’s School of Regulation and Global Governance.]

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

In popular culture, the use of terms like climate crisis, climate emergency and extinction rebellion reflect frustration that the language around climate and environmental issues has…

Elizabeth G. Boulton, PhD

Researcher in climate emergency responses, the climate-security nexus, threat framing & narratives. Located in Regional Victoria, Australia.

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